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In September 2015, Siemens announced its intention to cut the carbon footprint of its operative business in half by 2020 and to become climate neutral by 2030. To achieve this, Siemens is focusing on four levers: energy efficiency, decentralized energy systems, intelligent e-mobility solutions and the purchasing of clean electricity. Siemens is investing €100 million in improving the energy efficiency of its own buildings and production facilities with expected annual savings of about €20 million from 2020 onwards. Since the program launch, Siemens has managed to reduce its CO2 emission by around 33%. In 2016, Siemens joined the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC).

Joe Kaeser op-ed at (01.12.16)

"Our footprint and longevity give our company a unique perspective on the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. We therefore have a unique opportunity and platform to address the world’s single most urgent priority: climate change."

Infographics: Siemens is going carbon neutral by 2030

All Siemens production facilities and buildings worldwide are to achieve a net zero-carbon footprint by 2030. Since program launch, we managed to reduce our CO2 emission by more than 33%. Our investments in energy efficiency projects led to 15% reduced energy costs. 80% of our German sites use 100% green energy.
Siemens plans to invest around €100 million in energy efficiency projects at its sites by 2020. Another goal is, to invest €45 million in decentralized energy systems by 2020.
By 2020, 70% of our global power consumption will be met by power from renewable energy sources. We will also gradually expand the infrastructure of today’s 200 charging points for electric vehicles at German sites.

Further Information

Sustainability at the industrial site in Kalwa, India

With steps like an elaborate waste system, a location-wide compression-air system, a central drinking water purification unit and Siemens' largest solar power system on the roof, Kalwa has become a green showcase piece for Siemens.
Case Study: Green, greener, Kalwa

It's hard to think of any other country that has such a long-standing shared history with the company. Siemens established itself in India 150 years ago with the construction of the London - Calcutta telegraph line. The company began manufacturing electric motors in Kalwa in 1966.
Website: Indo-European Telegraph Line 150 years ago

Energy efficency projects at Siemens' sites

We will invest €100 million in energy efficiency projects at Siemens' sites by 2020. Not only will we be saving resources that are becoming increasingly scarce, these projects are financially beneficial for our company: We expect to generate around €20 million in savings through our investments. Thus far, we have initiated a total of 27 energy efficiency projects at Siemens' sites all over the world, and eight have already been completed.
Website: Energy Efficiency Program

Copryright: Marriott International

Siemens optimizes client's efficiency of the building portfolio

Marriott partnered with Siemens for its ambitious energy efficiency program, initially involving 15 hotels. The goals: Cut water and electricity use in participating hotels by 20 percent and emissions by 10 percent by 2020.

The program aims to deliver substantial cost savings with low upfront investments, without impacting guest comfort. Siemens energy experts now remotely monitor consumption data and optimize energy efficiency on an ongoing basis.
Reference: Energy efficiency optimization at Marriott Hotels in Europe

Roland Busch

Member of the Managing Board and Chief Technology Officer

Jenny Bofinger-Schuster

Senior Vice President Sustainability and Cities


Konstanze Somborn

Siemens AG

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