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Siemens introduces cutting-edge patient care technology with two new solutions - Biograph mCT Flow & Symbia Intevo.

Siemens Healthcare in India introduced two cutting-edge technology solutions, further strengthening its portfolio of offerings for healthcare service providers in India. The two new solutions are Biograph mCT Flow & Symbia Intevo. The solutions were launched at SNMICON 2013 held in Mumbai on December 12, 2013.
Biograph mCT Flow is the first positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system that moves the patient through the gantry while continuously acquiring PET data in lieu of sequential static acquisitions. Symbia Intevo is the world’s first xSPECT system, a new modality that integrates the full data sets of both single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and computed tomography (CT). It provides quantitative images for highly reliable monitoring and evaluation of treatment response.
“At Siemens Healthcare, our mission is to innovate to advance human health. The Biograph mCT Flow and Symbia Intevo solutions are excellent examples of living this mission. With unique features that boost image quality and dose reduction, both Biograph mCT Flow and Symbia Intevo provide enhanced patient comfort while helping distinguish between malignancies and degenerative diseases,” said Mr. K N Sudhir, Business Head-Molecular Imaging, Siemens Healthcare, India.
Biograph mCT Flow:
Biograph mCT Flow – a groundbreaking new PET/CT system, for the first time ever, overcomes the limitations of conventional bed-based PET/CT with FlowMotion, a revolutionary new technology that moves the patient smoothly through the system’s gantry, while continuously acquiring PET data. Biograph mCT Flow with FlowMotion takes routine image quality to a new level by enabling imaging protocols based on the organ’s need. FlowMotion expands accurate and reproducible quantification in all dimensions for precise disease characterization in therapy monitoring, while enabling physicians to offer as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) dose to every patient. Additionally, the combination of a 78 cm bore with five-minute ultra fast scanning and a continuous sense of progress throughout the scan provides the patient with a more comfortable exam experience.
Symbia Intevo:

In conventional SPECT/CT imaging, the SPECT image has always been reconstructed using SPECT's low-fidelity frame of reference. For this reason, the CT resolution has been downgraded dramatically to the level of SPECT to enable the mechanical fusion of both datasets.Siemens’ new xSPECT modality reconstructs both the SPECT and CT portions of the image using the high CT frame of reference for precise, accurate alignment that facilitates the extraction and deep integration of medically relevant information.This ability is also the basis for differentiat-ing between tissue boundaries in bone imaging. With the xSPECT Bone feature, physicians can provide additional support for detection and distinguishing between cancerous lesions and degenerative disorders.
Symbia Intevo’s precise alignment of SPECT and CT provides physicians with essential volume-tric information from the CT scan, enabling accurate, consistent and reproducible quantification—a numerical indication of a tumor’s level of metabolic activity. With the xSPECT Quant feature, the physician can apply quantitative information to aid in the assessment whether a patient's course of treatment has regressed, stabilized or grown—an assessment that is difficult to make with a purely visual assessment of the tumor.


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